Oxidative Stress – Part 1

General Healthcare Podcasts

  32 Minutes

In this 2-part podcast, Dr Dave & Estie help us to understand oxidative stress and the implications thereof, they also explain free radicals and the importance of antioxidants.

Part 1 – Have you ever heard of oxidative stress?

  • Oxidative stress is when something is breaking down in the body through the process of oxidation.
  • It can happen anywhere in the body. Too much oxidation is harmful. The reason is due to the production of free radicals.
  • These substances serve a purpose in the body but too many free radicals are harmful. Antioxidants manage the production of free radicals and maintain balance in the body.
  • A few of the major conditions that we know that are driven by oxidative stress is Cancer, Cardiovascular disease, Neurological disease, Respiratory disease, Arthritis, Kidney disease, Diabetes and Metabolic disorders.
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