Affordable décor tips for a summer Christmas at home


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Whether you’re going all out with name cards for your tables and fancy decor or keeping it simple with just a touch of Christmas in your home, you are sure to find some simple ideas for your Christmas festivities this year.

Minimalist Christmas decorations are far from boring. In many cases, the “less is more” approach can highlight your Christmas décor versus having it all blend together. With the amount of work, it takes to “deck the halls”, it’s no wonder so many people are searching for an easier process that will still yield some Christmas cheer!

Nature and Festive Cheer

Pastel colours, neutral hues, and organic earth tones, such as your own greenery, are excellent ways to add colour without being overpowering throughout this Christmas season. This is awesome as you can use things from around the house already OR purchase things that can be used year-round and add more longevity to your purchases such as neutral tablecloths and napkins and decorative ornaments with white and beige tones. Other creative options can also include grey- knitted blankets/black vases, and wood or burlap material. Nature has a bounty of options to add to your Christmas décor, your garden can help provide a very merry Christmas if you know what you’re looking for and how to use it. And, with the pressure on to use less plastic, replace tinsel with foraged materials and your home will take on a more natural look, whilst remaining festive and stylish. Have you ever considered succulents as décor options? This plant is really trending right now for those seeking to give their Christmas decorations this year a more stylish, modern touch. Soften the look by incorporating berries, ivy or even rosemary as well as simple penny gum. Spanish Moss or commonly known as “Old man’s beard” can also create a lovely wreath for your door. They are quite adaptable when it comes to making Christmas decorations. Their fluffy, white look delightfully catches the light and exudes a festive atmosphere.

Popular Christmas table trends

During the Christmas season, the tendency toward pastel colour palettes is anticipated to continue. The lighter purple tones will, however, start to take the place of the light pinks.

Lavender is a popular trend that is currently on the upswing. This soothing and revitalizing tone can be used to counterbalance the bold and typical Christmas colours. These colours are in style for table arrangements, so use them! People are beginning to gravitate toward the greenery in their homes, which is not surprising given the recent lockdowns and the increasing environmental consciousness. Try using what you already have to the fullest extent this year instead of spending extra money on decorations.

Nothing like the scent of Christmas

This year, we may anticipate a wide variety of products that are intended to help us relax, process, and re-energize. Is there anything better than the smell of cinnamon wafting through your house? The comforting, enticing aroma gives the impression that everything is cosier and happier. The scents of peppermint, pine, and cinnamon signal the start of the festive season immediately. When the aroma of Christmas trees and gingerbread entices your senses, you can’t help but feel festive. A creative way to incorporate these wafts of cheer and a product to bring that relaxation and ambiance is to make homemade candles.

Here are some ideas on candle making and some Christmas scents.

  1. Measure the wax. Before you begin the candle-making process, make sure you have a clean, flat surface to work on. … Calculate how much wax you need to fill your container, then double it. You will need to melt that amount wax. Find little jars at home to make your candles in, jam jars are perfect!
  2. Melt the wax. You need to keep stirring the wax constantly while it melts over a double boiler for ten to fifteen minutes.
  3. Add fragrance oils. (Christmas “scented” essential oils could include cinnamon, peppermint)
  4. Attach the wick carefully . You will need to dip the wick in the melting wax and quickly stick it to the bottom of the container. Wait five minutes for the wax to harden
  5. Pour the wax.
  6. Secure the wick with a peg or wrap the wick around a kebab stick to keep it secure.
  7. Add more wax.
  8. Cut the wick. Candle wicks should be less than 12mm long. Trim the wick, if the candle flickers or has a tall flame when lit.

Light it up…

Here are some ideas on candle making and some Christmas scents

Repurposing and creating joy and yuletide cheer this Christmas

This Christmas, try using some of your favourite reusable items to make your own decorations and gifts. These include wrapping paper, crackers, and colourful fabric. These are all simple and can be done at home. This list is a small sampling of the many projects that can be done with these items.

  • Use old Christmas cards for Bunting
  • Mason/Jam jars for candles and décor and hanging lanterns
  • Chalkboard-painted wine bottles with sprigs of fresh rosemary/berries
  • Wine cork wreath
  • Fabric Christmas crackers

Repurposing and creating joy and yuletide cheer this Christmas

From the obvious to the not-so-obvious, there are many reasons why Christmas is more magical than any other time of year. There is always a “Christmas magic “in the air when we start to hear the familiar Christmas jingles in the shops even as early as November and this festive, cheery mood happily lingers until New Year’s Eve. Make your Christmas linger for that little bit longer this year and enjoy each magical moment it brings.

“Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind”Calvin Coolidge