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Cellulite won’t spoil your summer! This was the caption to the Facebook post of A.Vogel South Africa of December 2020 and what a response we had. Positive comments from ladies that have used the product with great success.

A.Vogel Cellulite Formula became an overnight star on the Living Naturally website. And why? Because it works! How, may you ask? There are 11 specific plant and mineral ingredients in the product that are naturally indicated to address the following:

  • Water retention.
  • Promote venous circulation to detox the body and support the liver and digestive system.
  • To aid lymphatic congestion and improve physical exertion where a person tends to gain weight and become obese.
  • Supports detoxification and has a diuretic action (will help you if you retain water and gain weight easily).
  • Promotes healthy thyroid function, metabolism, improves digestion and bowel movement.
  • The action on the glands, lymphatics, and skin.
  • Excessive and ravenous appetite and food cravings. Emotional and comfort eating leading to excessive appetite and weight gain.
  • Stress induced eating.
  • Congestion in the skin promoting reabsorption thereof.
  • Stimulation of the metabolism.

And it’s all natural! This is one of the few products in the Living Naturally range which supports those who wish to lose weight and keep it off. We will share the rest of these products with you a little later in this article.

If the reason why you wish to lose weight is because it is time for a healthier and slimmer you, then this is the article you want to read. Crash diets, instant potions and miracle cures are not what is available in the Living Naturally product range. Just as the weight you carry did not appear overnight, it will also not disappear overnight. It’s first a choice. A decision to say, “I need to lose weight and through doing it not to harm my health but improve my health.”

Healthy fruits

So where does one start?

You have taken the first and most important step and that is to choose it. Now starts the discipline. Soon the rewards will start to pour in, and every day will become easier and easier. In a few months’ time your decision will be your new normal. Your new lifestyle. This is when weight is lost and kept off. The yo-yo only happens when the choices change again. And that is all in your hands.

What is the rule of thumb when it comes to food? Which diet is the right diet? There is a myriad of opinions on this one question. A myriad! The answer for Living Naturally is simple: if you or someone else can harvest it from nature and make the food in your kitchen from what you have harvested, you can have it. If it requires a factory to process and change it before it can be consumed, then best avoided.

  • For example, can you harvest honey? Yes, if you have the right equipment to do it with, you can harvest honey so you may have honey.
  • Can you make butter in your kitchen or olive oil? Yes, again if you have the equipment to churn the cream to make the butter or to press the olive to drain the oil out of it you can have it. Hence why you can have it.
  • Can you make margarine in your kitchen? No. It needs a factory. Can you make white flour in your kitchen? No, it needs a factory.
  • Can you make brown sugar in your kitchen? No, it needs a factory… if you can harvest it from nature and prepare the food in your kitchen, you can have it.

And then comes the second important point. Moderation. A baked potato is delicious, and nutritious and healthy. BUT two in one go is a bit much. A banana a day is perfectly healthy food, but a bunch is a bit much. We can even drink too much water, yet it’s so good for the body when given in just the right amount. Cut portion sizes down. Eat only pure, healthy natural food in moderation and in season and fill your plate with far more salad than what you are currently eating.


And exercise?

What we eat is fuel for the body. The reason why we eat is because we are constantly making new cells in the body. Red blood cells, kidney cells, skin cells…every single one has a lifespan. Old cells die and new ones are born. What you eat and drink directly influences the health of the next new cell. Isn’t that just amazing? We don’t only eat because we need energy fuel, we are a cell making factory 24/7/365. If you eat more than what is required your body unfortunately does not eliminate this extra energy and fuel, it stores it, and where?

As fat in your body. And fat cells are hungry. They want more and more. So, the more fat cells you have in your body the hungrier you are. You need to burn those fat cells up and the only way to do it is by exercising and not starvation. A good way to start exercising is just to go slowly at first and as you gain strength and momentum and fitness you can increase the pace and duration. Start with a 1-2km walk and build it up gradually to a 6km brisk walk five times a week. This will take roughly an hour 5 days a week. It’s much better to exercise early in the morning than later in the day. You have more energy then, the day is cooler, and you start with something that kick starts your metabolism. No, unfortunately weight loss and slimming naturally does not happen without exercising. If you are a runner, then choose running as your choice of exercise, or if you are a swimmer, then choose swimming, tennis, cycling and so on. Choose something you enjoy to help with your motivation and commitment.

Try and do it with a group, at least more than two of you, as this way you keep each other motivated and accountable. Set goals and do your best to achieve them. Invest in a good pair of walking or running shoes. Ask the professionals to help choose the right shoe for your gait. Some people pronate, others supinate, and some are a neutral gait. The shoe gives you support and stops the ankles, knees and hips from becoming sore that breaks your exercise momentum and goal.

So, now we know what we can and can’t eat and what exercises we need to do and aim for. Then, comes the support of specific natural remedies. They don’t come first. All the above steps are far more important than any product. And what are those products:

  • A.Vogel Helix Slim – this herbal remedy can be used long term. It helps as part of a holistic approach to weight loss without the harmful side effects by limiting cravings and binging, delaying hunger pangs and by acting as a mild diuretic.
  • A.Vogel Kelpasan tablets – This is a concentrated extract of kelp, providing a mineral and micronutrient dense product that is a good source of iodine for general wellbeing, support of thyroid function and weight management.
  • A.Vogel Anti-Appetite Formula – This remedy helps to regulate appetite and assists with weight loss. The ingredients address water retention, detoxification, lymphatic drainage, healthy metabolism, and control appetite.

If only it was possible to lose weight overnight and keep it off! The answer is a simple and resounding NO. How many ads promise this miracle and yet the world is full of obese and overweight people. If it was true that no change in diet, no exercising and only using a product would give you that model look, well then why don’t we all look like models? Reality is, it is not true. There is no quick fix or magic pill to lose weight. It’s a change in lifestyle on numerous levels that is the answer. Losing weight must not only be about fitting into a smaller size dress or pants, it also needs to be about how you can be healthier. Being thin does not necessarily mean wellness. The same as being fit does not mean wellness too.

What a great feeling it is to see how much weight you have lost on the scale and to see it in your clothes and hear it from your friends and family. And most of all, to feel well and to truly have good health. This is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. Cherish it, it is your choice.